While offering a variety of components to the transport industry, the manufacture and supply of suspension bushes has been a significant component of our operation since 1990.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer of suspension bushes to the largest trailer manufacturers in Southern Africa as well as suppliers to a number of the largest wholesalers of truck and trailer spare parts we have been assured that 80% of the trailers on South Africa’s roads are operating with our bushes.

Our Normal Service and Extreme Service bushes offer outstanding resilience and wear resistance but it is special formulation of Polyurethane raw materials that produces our Extreme Service Bushes. They have been designed for the long haul and are custom made to withstand and conquer the harshest conditions Africa has to offer.

It is not just the specially formulated Polyurethane raw materials but the process of moulding polyurethane that has resulted in highly durable components that have been successfully tried and tested throughout Southern Africa.


All suspension products produced by Polyflex Urethanes are manufactured by way of moulding Liquid cast-able Polyurethane. This is a Thermosetting process that produces molecular bonds that cannot be reversed.

(Injection moulded Polyurethane products are produced by a process of Thermoplastic Injection moulding. This process uses heat to melt the material and produces limited molecular bonding. Therefore this material will never out-perform thermosetting urethane in severe applications).

It is for this reason that we do not produce injection moulded Polyurethane suspension components as the mechanical properties of our cast items are far superior and therefore have a far greater operating life.


Our Polyurethane Brick Clamp liners have proven to be extremely popular by those who have recognised the benefits of the extended life offered by Polyurethane when measured against the rubber alternative. Less downtime and fewer brick breakages ensured that customers remain satisfied with our product.