About Polyflex Urethanes

Polyurethane Precision Mouldings (Pty) Ltd was established in 1981 and is trading under the name of Polyflex Urethanes (Formerly Polyflex seals and suspension). Since our inception, we have been offering the benefits of polyurethane to a broad spectrum of industries through the design and manufacture of polyurethane components.

The choice of Polyurethane is a result of it being one of the most versatile material choices for almost any given application. It offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness of engineering plastic and in many applications, will even outperform metal.

Polyurethane Properties are measured by many physical properties such as hardness, compression set, ultimate tensile strength, tensile modulus, tensile set, elongation, tear strength, compression deflection, and abrasion resistance to mention a few. The end result is that when compared to other “elastomers”like rubber or metals like steel and aluminium, polyurethane stands out in several areas and can be utilized in place of or in conjunction with other engineered materials to achieve the perfect part for nearly any application.

Benefits & Applications

Polyurethane components are found in almost all industries and are used extensively in the automotive / transport industries, mining, paper and pulp, oil field supplies, metal forming parts, tooling and equipment, oil field supplies, steel industry, aerospace, hydraulics, railroads, marine and construction to name but a few.