Casting Resins & Liquid Plastic

Cast your net wide, with our huge range of liquid plastic casting resins and coatings. Across hundreds of different types of applications, they’re used for creating detailed models and prototypes, props and industrial parts. Add colours and fillers, to add your special casting effect.

Casting enables pieces to be combined into one, single part. This reduces your assembly time and need for inventory. Resin casting is the process of plastic casting – filling a mould with a liquid synthetic resin. As it sets, the liquid monomer polymerises into the polymer, which forms a solid.

Casting moulds has many advantages. It’s fast, uses less material, and produces durable products. Our range of Smooth-On casting resins are comprehensive – from basic resins used for hobbyist applications, to highly specialized resins for major industrial projects.

Our liquid rubber products are known for their abrasion-resistance and tear strength, so you can keep things moving. You never need to worry about inconsistencies with your casts – Smooth-On gives you the power to make perfect copies every time.

You can find smooth-cast, specialty resins, and all resin casting materials – including release agents, liquid fluorescent colourants, liquid urethane colourants, liquid additives, and more.

Casting is easier than ever, with our casting supplies. Find everything you need, at Polyflex Urethanes.